The Science of Vastu Shastra is Ancient as it dates back thousands of years. It helps in the proper placement of the five elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space.

As per Indian Tradition, Vastu Shastra acts as a guide to Various dos and Don’ts for lands and constructed buildings for bringing positive energy to the environment and to achieve prosperity, happiness, ensuring good health and increasing earning potential.

Vastu Tips for a peaceful and thriving place

  • Main Entrance

Let’s start with the entrance of a house, which also acts as the doorway not just for people and their beloved pets but also for the positive energy. The main door should face the north direction, east direction, or in the north-east direction. It must be constructed in a way to ensure that when you step out, you face the North direction, east direction, or northeast direction.

Apart from direction, the main entrance should be well lit. Black color should be avoided on the main entrance door. There should not be a washroom close to the main entryway. The main entrance door should open in a clockwise direction.

  • Living Room

The living room should ideally face east, north direction or north-east direction. Alternatively, a north-west direction facing living room is also ideal

Furniture should be kept in the west direction or south-west direction of the living room.

All electronic gadgets and appliances should be installed within the south-east area of the living room

  • Meditation Room Or Pooja room

Making a place in the house dedicated to meditation and prayer will help you grow spiritually.

As per Vastu East, North, or North-east part of your home is perfect for meditation, yoga, and other spiritual pursuits. When you meditate, facing east will boost your positivity.

White and pale yellow are excellent colors for a meditation area

If your home has numerous stories, the meditation room should be built on the ground floor, but never in the basement.

  • Vastu for the Bedroom

According to Vastu Shastra, a well-designed bedroom can produce positive energy and even enhance couple relationships.

The master bedroom should be constructed towards the south-west as it brings good health and prosperity. Never in the southeast, as the element of fire governs that direction.

Keep the bed towards the south or west direction, particularly in the main bedroom with your legs facing north as It enhances mental health, wealth, and sleep quality.

As per Vastu, Avoid painting your bedroom walls black and instead choose neutral or earthy colors that emit pleasant energy.

A mirror in front of the bed should be avoided. which means one should not have a reflection of them while sleeping.

Avoid putting windows behind the bed Instead, try putting them on the eastern or northern walls.

  • Vastu for Kitchen

Ideally, the kitchen should be built in the southeast direction of the house.

To brighten this region of the house, pick tones of yellow, light pink, peach, or brown. Avoiding hues of black or red would be beneficial.

Because the food we eat provides us with vitality, it must be cooked in a happy atmosphere. Hence, the cook must face East while cooking to ensure good health.

  • Vastu for washroom/Toilet

Restrooms and toilets are the most significant sources of negative energy flowing into the household and must only be designed according to Vastu Shastra.

Restrooms and Toilets must be located in the west or north-west direction of the home and should never share a wall with the kitchen or the meditation room.