Are you planning to start the construction project then you should know some major points before starting the construction work. There are several questions coming up in your mind what to do, what not to do for making the clarity of it we will discuss it stepwise.

Step-1(Legal work)

Before starting the construction work make sure all the documentation work with authority is cleared. Having all the legal work completed will make your fund realsement easier by your financing source.


Most important part for the project is its finance as no project will withstand until the finances are good. Make sure your financing source releases your funds easier when needed on time. Pre-plan your fund requirement stage wise with your contractor and finance source for the smooth and fast working of your construction project.

Step-3(Project planning)

Seize your project blueprints before starting any work as your blueprint will help in all the estimation work, procedure of working, timeline of the project etc.

"Correction on paper is easy then on ground"

Stronger your paperwork smoother will be your working on ground, clear all your blueprints with your architect, engineer or contractor for having the better clarity of the project.

Step-4(On site working measures)

Site should be cleared properly for smoother working, make sure there is proper road convenience for the trucks, JCB, and concrete mixer to reach the construction site easily.

Proper safety measures for the laborers are there as it can bring the project on hold legally. There is proper water supply and electricity for the construction work and planned out your material dumping zone and security for it.

Step-5(Hire a consultant)

There are many benefits for hiring a consultant it will resolve many problems like

  1. Analyzing and resolving your problem in an easier way.
  2. Will make sure your project is running smoother with less chances of errors( as on site errors will make your budget increase)
  3. Proper timing of every work will be taken care of by your consultant when bringing the plumber, electrician, painter, fabrication work, door and window installation and many small works.
  4. Project management planning and execution of it will be taken care of by your consultant by considering all the climate conditions, various speed up techniques to match the deadline, delivering all the planning to the various teams working on the project.
  5. Will make sure all your working is according to guidelines ( proper concrete ratio, mortar ratio, plumbing slope work , column position, curing work and many other work will be your consultant responsibility)

Hiring a consultant will make sure every penny is used properly.